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      Students give back for National Service Day

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A group of young students gave back in several ways Saturday in honor of National Service Day.

      About 60 local kids with the Trio Works Program and the Community Services Institute woke up early Saturday morning and gave back to the residents of Hannah House, a transitional shelter on Sumter street for those less fortunate.

      Participants helped in several ways like bringing canned goods, sweeping and cleaning floors, furniture, appliances, and toys.

      The organization was also recognized by President Barack Obama; it is one of a select few listed on the President's website.

      Participants like Tyler Gill said it was very important to them.

      "You never know when hard times are going to hit you," Gill said. "So you kind of get to know people and to give back. It is a blessing."

      Coordinator Antia Martin said it is not the first time they lend a helping hand.

      "Every chance they have at community service, the students are quick to jump on it. And that is the thing that really makes us different from other groups."