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      Students making Christmas wishes come true

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Trinity Gallman is a seventh grader at Columbia's Heyward Gibbes Middle School.

      While she's used to receiving presents at Christmas this year she's giving gifts to children fighting for their lives.

      "I came up with the idea watching tv one day, they we're donating $10 so that the cancer patients could have a room, so I decided to do a toy drive for the children's hospital," said Gallman.

      Gallman teamed up with classmate Shilida Ruff.

      The two teens took the concept to their principal and their small idea quickly spread through the school.

      As the weeks went by toys were pouring out of the toy box.

      The teens collecting hundreds of items ranging from bikes to Barbies.

      "I would expect people to bring toys but not stuff like this, it's just overwhelming," adds Gallman.

      "It was successful and a whole bunch of people brought toys, so were glad that it came through as good as we wanted it to come through," said Ruff.

      Principal Sarah Smith says the girls idea was a Christmas miracle.

      Students of all ages have been pitching donating gifts to children fighting cancer and blood disorders.

      Smith says the young ladies are impacting students in a way she's never seen.

      "A sixth grade who heard about it was so touched by it ...he wrote a letter to one of the patients at Richland Memorial Hospital," said Smith.

      Principal Smith reached out to City Year, a team of tutors and mentors that have helped the girls receive donations from every student and employee at Gibbes Middle School.

      "I hope their going to be excited because we put a lot of hard work into this so I hope they'll be excited about it," concludes Ruff.