Students stage sit-in in response to new grading policy

<font size="2" face="Microsoft Sans Serif">River Bluff</font> <font size="2"> <font face="Times New Roman">High School students staging a sit-in Friday morning protesting changes to how their grades are calculated.</font> </font>

LEXINGTON (WACH) -- Changes to a new grading policy in Lexington School District One has students fighting back.

River Bluff
High School students staging a sit-in Friday morning protesting changes to how their grades are calculated.

Wednesday the district changed that policy, telling parents in a letter sent home with report cards that going forward quizzes and homework will now count for 15 percent of grades.

While it's a move in the right direction for parents, students at River Bluff aren't happy about having to do more work.

District officials say right now, we are facing an urban myth that states that there was a raucous student and parent sit-in at River Bluff High School this morning.

A district spokesperson says the students did stage about a four-minute long protest this morning to express their dissatisfaction with recent changes in the districts grading practices. Administrators and teachers were present. The protest was calm, quiet and completely orderly.

They add there were, as always, parents at the school this morning checking tardy students in, etc. and about 80 business leaders arriving at school to attend a completely unrelated career showcase for 10th-graders. However, no adults participated.

WACH Fox obtained video and pictures of the sit-in and you can see a large group of high schoolers sitting and protesting in the hallways.

In one video you can see River Bluff principal Dr. Luke Clamp talking to students. Members of the sit-in tell WACH Fox Clamp said he was proud of them for taking responsibility.

However, the district states Clamp said something more like this, "I am proud of you for participating in a quiet disagreement with a decision that was made. But, I'm more proud of you for what you getting ready to do which is to stand up and go to class because I believe you came to school today to not just sit here in our rotunda but to go to class and learn today".

While the district says the sit-in lasted only four minutes students argue it was closer to a half hour.

Since Wednesday's change to the districts grading policy, students of River Bluff have voiced their anger on a Facebook page called End Grading For Learning in Lexington.

Students and the district both tell WACH Fox that Wednesday's protest was a response to having homework and quizzes count towards their final grade.

At the beginning of the year the districts grading policy only counted test scores towards a students final grade.

The new high school is scheduled to be dedicated on Sunday.ã??