USC students step in to support Texas


Students are now getting involved and helping with hurricane relief in Texas. Thanks to fourth-year student Julia Learmonth, the University of South Carolina is one of several partners playing a role in Houston's recovery.

Learmonth has family in Houston so she knew something had to be done. She's working with the USC Leadership and Service Center to set up donation drives throughout campus.

The Mayor's Office and City Council are in on the relief effort. Donation drives have been setup all throughout the city with the partnership of public and private sectors. Learmonth says it didn't take a second thought to help with recovery in Texas.

"[I] really feel like I needed to help since this is our new home. Family means a lot to me and knowing I can help them in some way means a lot. Being able to return the favor is very nice and very rewarding," says Learmonth.

Wednesday another drop-off location will be placed on Greene Street in the center of USC campus 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. They're asking for hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and clothing. Then the city will send a truck to transport the materials to our Texas neighbors.

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