Sumter deputies arrest 70 and counting on major drug bust

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The Sumter County Sheriff's Office just revealed a six- month undercover drug operation. They say the total amount of drugs have a street value of more than two million dollars. But the investigation isn't over.

"It became apparent these people were going to the same supplier. Out of 90 people we've got 70," says Public Information Officer Ken Bell.

The 70 arrests are relating to the manufacturing, distribution and possession of illegal drugs. Deputies also seized 21 firearms and more than 100 thousand dollars in cash.

Sheriff Anthony Dennis stated in the press release, "I'd love to say this should end illegal activities in Sumter County but some people have to go to jail before they learn. Unfortunately others will be arrested".

Bell says one clue could point toward drug activity. He says if someone suddenly has a lot of wealth, shown in their costly possessions, there's probably something illegal going on. Bell also points out that extreme consequences can be avoided.

"People don't realize that things go a lot lighter on them if they turn themselves instead of us going to find them. Generally the judges take note of that," says Bell.

The men and women arrested are in the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center; a few have been released on bond. But the search for the remaining 20 continues.

"We hope this will be a wake up call for them. Maybe this is a chance for them to turn their life around. It's rare but it does happen," says Bell.

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