Sumter Dog Fighting Ring Uncovered

In Sumter County, deputies are piecing together what they call a brutal blood sport. They've uncovered a dog fighting operation. So far eight people face charges and investigators expect to make more arrests.

A severely injured dog could be seen sitting in the corner of his temporary home at the Sumter County animal shelter. Less than 24 hours earlier the dog and five others were living in squalor.

"They are very malnourished and bite marks all over," said Sumter Co. Captain Allen Dailey. "Very poor conditions."

Conditions discovered by the Sumter County Sheriff's Deputies early Sunday. Around 1:00 a.m. investigators found six dogs at a house on Lisbon Drive--in the middle of a brutal dog fight.

"When officers arrived there and found the suspects there fighting the dogs, and made an arrest," said Dailey.

The eight people have been charged with animal cruelty in the case. Before it's over, Captain Dailey says a dozen people will likely be arrested; accused of breeding the animals to kill.

"We've seized a lot of dogs and made a lot of arrest," said Dailey.

He adds, because of the brutal way the dogs were raised the only thing that can be done to make sure they are not a danger is to put them to sleep.

"These won't have a chance to be adopted out," said Dailey.

A terrible end for dogs, police say were tortured for sport.

Investigators also seized several weapons and marijuana worth $10,000. If convicted the suspects face a $500 fine and/or six months in jail.