Sumter family outraged at alleged killer being out on bond

SUMTER (WACH) - Two year old Ja'Kaiden is a healthy, happy, athletic little boy.

The sad part is..his father will never get to see him play ball.

That's because Ja'Kaiden's dad was murdered almost a year ago.

We brought the story to you last April and if you'll remember, Reyshawn Holmes and Willie Chatman were found shot to death in their home.

Arsenio Colclough is charged in connection with both murders.

But on Tuesday, Colclough was let out on a $200,000 bond.

And one of the victim's families is upset..

"I don't agree with him being out on bond because I'm concerned about the rest of the citizens in the community. With the people that live around in the community, I'm quite sure everybody's wondering whether anything might happen to them and everybody's going to be watching themself a little bit closer." says Holland Earl Holmes, the uncle of Reyshawn Holmes.

Colclough has a lengthy criminal record, including first degree burglary.

He was out on bond on that charge during the time he is accused of killing Holmes and Chatman.

Attorney Clark Newton tells WACH Fox it is unusual for someone who is out on bond for previous violent charges to be granted bond for a subsequent murder charge.

What makes this situation more difficult for the victim's families is that Colclough was considered a friend.

"Mr. Colclough was treated more like a family member than a friend. We was always welcome and they never had any problems that any of the family ever knew of. They continued being friends up to the point of this." says Holmes.

Up to the point of a murder that took the life of two young men, one of whom was engaged to be married.

Reyshawn Holmes was planning a future with his son Ja'Kaiden's mother when he was killed.

"He and his son's mother were getting ready to set up house the very next week. He was going to be moving out of the house he was in. And unfortunately he didn't get a chance...he didn't get a chance to." Holmes states.

The topic of bond reform is one that's swirling around the State House right now.

Governor Haley signed a bill Monday that works to keep offenders who are out on bond and are charged with committing a subsequent crime behind bars.