Sumter School superintendent resigns

Randolph Bynum

SUMTER, SC (WACH)- The superintendent of Sumter County Schools has resigned.

Randolph Bynum Sr. told the Board of Trustees of Sumter School District he wanted to be released from his day to day responsibilities as District Superintendent.

Bynum will continue his job until August 30.

Over the past few months, according to the group Parents of Sumter School District, parents have petitioned the district's Board of Trustees to stop Bynum from moving teachers to different subject areas within their own schools and to restore what some of the members call, "the current leadership as they have lost the trust and faith of the community."

Bynums resignation comes the day after a public hearing where most of the attendees called for the board of trustees to shape Bynum up or ship him out.

The Facebook page parents of Sumter School District was buzzing with chatter of parents expressing their enthusiasm for Bynum's resignation.