Sumter Shelter Saves Lives

Sumter animal shelter God's Creatures Deserve to Live, INC. working to find several pets good homes.

SUMTER, S.C (WACH) - There is a special place in Sumter which has become a refuge for hurt and broken animals. That place is God's Creatures Deserve To Live, Inc. It's a long name, but the message is simple. It is a no-kill shelter that treats every animal with kindness and compassion.

"I believe that all creatures that God made were put here and we should treat them with the utmost respect. They come here and give us nothing but love and that's all they ask for back. They're man's best friend." says Christopher Raffield, co-owner of God's Creatures Deserve To Live, Inc.

Christopher and his wife, Jenny, have dedicated their lives to helping animals who are abandoned and in search of a home. Their shelter is home to over 60 dogs, along with some horses and cats. These animals all come with special problems that no one else wanted to fix. One example is Goliath, who is a Bull Mastiff that is 97% blind. The theory is Goliath was a bait dog in his previous life, before he found refuge at God's Creatures. One of Christopher's favorite success stories is a little guy named Jack who now has a very special role at the shelter.

"He came to us approximately a year ago in two hands, lifeless, and we worked with him and he's back to full recovery. And he's now our mascot dog." Christopher says proudly.

However, success stories like Jack do come at a cost. God's Creatures is a non-profit organization and runs entirely on donations from the community. Even though it isn't always easy, Jenny believes all the effort pays off, and she shares her favorite part of the process with us.

"For me, seeing the babies be adopted out into wonderful homes. We have many adoption events we take them to. Seeing that family, and those kids, and everybody's just so excited to have one. A new member of the family." she says with a smile.

If you are interested in volunteering or making a donation, please visit God's Creatures Deserve To Live, Inc.'s website at

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