Sumter woman goes the distance to help hurricane victims in NY

A NYPD car in front of the truck Kristy drove to New York from South Carolina.

SUMTER, S.C. (WACH) - A Sumter woman has gone above and beyond to help people in New York that are struggling after Hurricane Sandy.

Kristy Cameron and her family organized a supply drive last Sunday. Then, they drove a 26-foot truck filled with clothes, food and other items to New York City.

Cameron, who used to live in Brooklyn before moving down to Sumter, says they arrived Monday morning and could not believe the damage. She says giving back to her fellow New Yorkers was the least she could do.

"They were just so grateful with anything and everything we could hand them. It just literally broke your heart. New York is not equipped to deal with things like this. It put peace of mind just knowing that even if it was the smallest little thing to give to them. It didn't matter. It made a difference," said Cameron.

Cameron says they are already looking into sending another truck with supplies. This time, they hope to take Christmas presents too.