Superstitions in Baseball: Do they really work?

"Fear the Fish" has become a regular celebration for the South Carolina baseball team and its fans.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Do you believe in superstitions? The Gamecock baseball team certainly does.

In 2010, it was the "Avatar Spirit Stick" that became all the rage in the dugout for USC, and propelled the Gamecocks to their first-ever national championship in baseball.

You can find the memorabilia located in the trophy case inside Carolina Stadium.

This season, the team has rallied around a beta fish. Third baseman LB Dantzler's pet known as "Reptar" has taken the team and Gamecock fans by storm. The phrase "Fear the Fish" was created by first baseman Brison Celek and since then, it has been "Fins Up" for Gamecock nation.

If South Carolina is successful and brings home its third consecutive national title, it remains to be seen whether Reptar will join the Spirit Stick or not.