Suspect accused of stashing man's dismembered remains in bags behind home

Matthews says an argument between Furman and the victim over paying bills could have lead to the murder.

CASSATT, SC (WACH / AP) - Investigators say a dispute over money and drugs led to a man killing another man with a pipe wrench and dismembering his body in Kershaw County.

Deputies say 46-year-old Raleigh Furman, Jr. was arrested Monday and charged with murder in connection with a dismembered body found inside "several large trash bags" in a shed behind Furman's mobile home.

Authorities believe 30-year-old Larry Lee Thomas, Jr., was killed Friday. Thomas had been living with Furman for a short period of time.

Matthews says an argument between Furman and the victim over money and drugs could have lead to the murder. Furman admitted to being high on crack coacain when he killed Thomas on Friday, Sept. 21.

Furman is accused of killing the man, dismembering him and stashing his remains in black bags behind his mobile home on Dogwood Lane, according to Matthews.

According ot Matthews, Furman admitted to killing and dismembering Thomas during an interview with investigators on Monday.

Matthews says the suspect told a family member what he had done after suffering heart problems Sunday and going to the hospital. The relative called deputies Monday around 6 a.m.

Matthews says deputies had dealt with both men in the past

Deputies say Furman's criminal record dates back to 1983 and includes second degree murder.

â??Once again substance abuse has played a major role in a horrific crime, â??said Matthews. â??Normal, rational people do abnormal irrational things when they are high on alcohol or drugs. What makes this worse, based on Furmanâ??s criminal history, is that Furman was already not normal.â??

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating the incident.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)