Talented gymnasts come together to show what they're made of

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Some very talented gymnastics came together to show what they're made of.

All Star Gymnastics hosted the annual South Carolina Special Olympics Gymnastics Competition today.

The Competition serves as the gymnastics portion for the Special Olympics.

Athletes were able to show their skills on the bars, balance beam, and other events.

Volunteers from Fort Jackson and the Special Olympics were on hand to make sure the Competition was fun and safe for everyone.

These athletes have been practicing for this Competition since January.

And spectators were floored at what they were able to accomplish.

"They get out there and they don't see any restrictions. They try. They do things that we would think they couldn't do. We were just talking about we have one little girl who when she was born, they never thought she would walk. And she's out here doing gymnastics today." says Randall Russell of All Star Gymnastics.

All Star Gymnastics has hosted this gymanstics portion of the South Carolina Special Olympics Games for several years.

They believe one of the most important parts of the program is helping children get the physical activity that is necessary for their development.

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