"Talented Tenth" holds panel discussion to highlight issues affecting communities

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- With the goal to make communities more safe, community leaders known as the "Talented Tenth" held a panel discussion to shed light on issues in today's society.

Initially inspired by the verdict of the George Zimmerman Trial, topics highlighted were race, the justice system, and violence amongst South Carolina's youth.

"We've discussed our issues for years," said Bishop C.L. Lorick, a concerned citizen. "I think we have done quite a task in distributing the responsibilities or some would say the blame.â??

Many suggestions as to who to blame came up during the discussions. Despite the debate, several citizens were able to agree that a movement to better the communities would need to start with themselves.

"I am going to go out there and lead," said Bakari Sellers, D-Bamberg.

Sellers said that giving every child an opportunity to succeed starts with giving more of one's self and giving on a consistent basis.

"That passion has to be more than just going with your son to the little league ball game," said Warren Boltor, a panelist. "It has to be a passion after the game is over, and that passion has to be about helping him to understand who he is."

Organizers said that tonight's event isn't the last of these types of discussions. They expect to continue the dialogue in an effort to make all of our communities around the state better places to live.