Taxpayers rush to meet tax day deadline

The drive-thru line at the main post office in Downtown, Columbia was packed on April 15, 2010. The line was mostly full of taxpayers trying to get Uncle Sam his money on time.

Every year on tax day U.S. Postal workers go the extra mile to help procrastinators like Viola Leephart who cut it close getting her return in the mail. When asked why she waited so long to mail her tax forms to the IRS, Leephart said "because I owe Uncle Sam and I waited until the last minute to write the check.

Taxpayer Mark Key says "I do it every year. Sometimes I get them (tax forms) in a little early."

Another taxpayer told us he put off mailing his tax forms until the last minute because when he has to pay people, he holds on to his money as long as he can.

Taxpayers who owe the government money should keep in mind, that if they can't pay now, they can file now and pay later.If they do nothing, Uncle Sam will impose penalties.