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      Team Depot helping improve Richard Cullivers home

      LEXINGTON (WACH) --- Stephanie McMillan has been having a hard time keeping her dog on the leash.

      The Lexington mom has been juggling caring for her sick son and walking a puppy that likes to sneak away.

      "When you end up having to chase a dog around the neighborhood who likes to play cat and mouse with you and you have a child in the house and you worry if he falls off the couch or something while your outside," said McMillan.

      Those walks are getting cut in half, thanks to Team Depot putting up a fence for Richard and his pooch.

      Team Depot is a group of volunteers from Lexington's Home Depot that helps out in the community.

      "He can get outside on the patio and throw the ball for his dog with the patio slab that we have I can sit him outside every once and awhile and let him do that. Now Smitty won't be able to run off he can actually play with his dog outside," adds McMillan.

      Michelle Marler is the captain of Team Depot.

      She says her team helps anyone in need with an emphasis on children, veterans and law enforcement.

      They're building Richard's family a large privacy fence for his back yard and will be landscaping the property and getting them ready for the fall with pumpkins and flowers.

      "At the end it will be a fence, they'll be able to have the dog loose outside, Richard will be able to come out play and have a safe area to play," said Marler.

      McMillian has seen an overwhelming amount of support the last year for her son and family and she's grateful for everything and everyone that's supported them through this journey.

      "This is nice because it's at home and we're going to be able to enjoy our house in a way we hadn't ben able to since we moved in so that's exciting. Everything has it's own uniqueness to it," concludes McMillan.