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      Team of USC developers creating 'Insight' app for Google Glass

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - Imagine putting on a pair of special glasses and being able to see your friends in a crowded room from far away, even with their backs turned.

      That idea can soon be a reality.

      A University of South Carolina Science and Engineering professor and his team are developing an application for Google Glass called Insight.

      The app works by using spatiograms collected from smartphones to create a "Fashion Fingerprint" based on clothing and location.

      A Google faculty research award is funding the project.

      "Where you want to share information, in all those instances, you can use this application. I have an extra ticket to sell, I can use this application. I'm looking for tickets, you can use this application. If I'm looking for a roommate; I want to trade textbooks, so there are many scenarios which you want to make this connection," said Srihari Nelakuditi, associate professor of computer science at USC.

      The department still has to work on the security side of insight, and hopes it will be available to consumers later this year.