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      Tears and scars haunt family of Columbia nurse hit in front of hospital

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- For nearly two years the family of Lindsay Bires have been searching for justice for their daughter.

      Lindsay Bires was a nurse at Palmetto Health's Heart Hospital, while she was on her break on September 16th 2012, The South Carolina grad was hit by a car right in front of the hospital. The driver never stopped.

      Since that day Susan Bires, Lindsay's mother has been on a quest for justice.

      The Massachusetts mom hired a production company to create a film that she hopes will bring justice for Lindsay.

      The accident has left Lindsay with a brain injury and her family says there is no certainty that she will ever fully recover.

      "It's the only thing that keeps us going is the hope that she will get her life back, because the life she has right now is not a life anyone should live," said Susan Bires.

      "Lindsay's never going to be the same because of this situation and it's just not fair," said interim Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago.

      Santiago says a white vehicle hit Bires and swerved off the road several times before running into her.

      Right now the State Law Enforcement Division and FBI are helping with forensics that Santiago hopes can close the case.

      "Whatever the judicial system decides to do to whoever did this is no way gonna compare to what she's been through," adds Bires.

      Bires says her daughter is still in and out of hospitals and she is relearning how to eat, read and she's trying to rebuild her physical and mental strength.