Teen killed in Orangeburg County shooting

Deputies says teenager Terek Wright, seen here when he was 8, was the victim of a drug deal gone bad.

CORDOVA, S.C. (WACH) -- Orangeburg County investigators say a 14-year-old boy who was part of a group trying to rob a drug dealer has been shot to death in Orangeburg County.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said the boy was carrying a rifle when he was killed just before midnight Monday on Courtney Lane in Cordova. The town is roughly 10 miles outside Orangeburg.

The Orangeburg County Coroner identified the victim as Terek Wright.

The boy's 15-year-old cousin says the eighth-grader had recently been thrown out of school but was a "good kid" who was looking to make a fresh start at an alternative school.

She says she recently talked to Wright about who he picked for friends.

"You hang around older guys who do stuff like that you get a reputation," she said. "And when you start getting involved in that, bad things happen to bad people."

Authorities say the boy was with two men, 20-year-old John Riley and his 17-year-old brother Jerrell Richardson, when he was shot. An address listed shows the men lived next door to Wright. The boy was shot just a few hundred yards from where he lived.

Sheriff Ravenell says Riley and Richardson flagged down a deputy on patrol just before midnight Monday and told the deputy that their friend had been shot. According to investigators, one of the brothers told the deputy that he and his two friends were walking from a gas station when a white vehicle started following them. He said there were several shots, the car took off, and their friend had collapsed to the ground.

Investigators say Richardson and Riley later changed their stories. The brothers said that they, along with the victim, spent Monday planning to rob Calvin Busby, 26, who Ravenell says is a drug dealer. Riley and Richardson have been charged with armed robbery.

Busby has been charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

"Over the past two days, our agency has responded to two major incidents involving teens. Children and young adults need to be aware that their actions can produce serious criminal charges and sometimes even fatal consequences, and no family should have to go through that," said Ravenell. "We do need help from the parents. At least know where your kids are at. If you need any help or anything with them please contact us and we'll be glad to assist.

On Monday, a 14 and 16 year old were charged in a burglary and vandalism case that closed Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School for the day. Ravenell says one of those teens was recently suspended from school.

Additional charges are pending in Terek Wright's death. Investigators are waiting on the results of an autopsy to determine who shot the teen.