Teen sentenced to 8 years in Carter Strange attack

One of the teens accused of brutally attacking Carter Strange two years ago, learns his fate this Monday morning in a Richland County courtroom.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Sixteen year old Delarrett Canzater dressed in all red making his court appearance Monday, pleading guilty to assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

Itâ??s a charge that carries up to 20 years in prison.

Columbia police say he's one of the eight young guys who brutally attacked Carter Strange two years go near Five Points.

The attack left Carter with massive head injuries.

He even needed to have reconstructive surgery.

As of Monday Delarrett spent 783 days behind bars.

His mother making an emotional plea hoping that her son would be released.

â??I have traveled to see my son every week, every Sunday for two years and I can say he has changed. He wants to do positive things,â?? says Cynthia Hampton, Delarrettâ??s mother.

She also addressed Carterâ??s family.

â??I am so sorry. I can only imagine what you went through because if it had been my son, I would feel the same way you feel,â?? says Ms. Hampton.

But in the end the judge decided it was best to keep him locked up.

â??Based upon him being a juvenile and the pattern of behavior of here by sentence you to the State Department of Corrections, for a determinate period of time of eight years. You are to have no contact with Carter Strange or this family in any way shape or form. Credit for time served,â?? says Judge Robert Hood.

Carterâ??s parents speaking out after the sentencing.

â??Heâ??s got eight years now to turn his life around and granted thatâ??s tough circumstances to be in but there are things available itâ??s about choices. He still ha to make choices. When I look at those boys up there, their just kids but they made an adult decision that night and there needs to be adult consequences,â?? says Vicky Strange, Carterâ??s mother.

Another teen is still awaiting a trial date in connection to this case.