Teen talks about suspicious person at bus stop

Investigators say a man in a car drove up to the 14 year old at her bus stop and told her to get in.

LEXINGTON COUNTY (WACH) -- A Lexington County teenager and her mother, not wanting to be identified, are peaking up after a close call Wednesday afternoon.

Investigators say a man in a car drove up to the 14-year-old at her bus stop and told her to get in.

"I said no and after that he tried to get out of his car and I just ran," said the teen.

According to a incident report, that's when the girl thought he was going to take her. The teenager ran to her house and a few moments later she saw the stranger driving away.

She says the man was driving a red older model four door car with a cracked windshield, broken headlight on the passenger's side and black tape across the rear windshield.

The teen says she'd never seen the man before, but friends told her they have.

"It was in her neighborhood and it kept on circling and kept on stopping when it got to her house," added a friend of the teen.

Her quick thinking has helped police with a sketch. She says the driver was heavy set with a mullet and spoke in a deep voice.

"Maybe he knew this little girl or know what her patterns of activities were. It's not uncommon for someone planning an abduction with the purpose of harming to do what we call stakeout," said Sheriff James Metts.

"I don't think he's necessary pointing people out and targeting people, but i do think he's out to do harm to children," said the Teen.

Metts says there in the early stages of the investigation and are still trying to determine why this man approached a teenager.

He asks if you have seen this vehicle, the driver or are aware of any similar situations to call crime stoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.