Teen to WACH April 2014: Morgan Gobbi

Front row L to R: Janet Parker, Morgan Gobbi, Karen Gobbi, Tressie Hayes, surrounded by students from Lexington High School.

LEXINGTON (WACH)-Morgan Gobbi is a Lexington high school senior with a long list of positive educational involvement.

"I'm a member of the yearbook staff, I 've been on the staff for four years, I was an editor for three, I managed the staff for two years and we made our biggest deadline in school history," says Gobbi, "this past year I was editor and designed the design spread and the cover of the book.

Working with the yearbook staff, is just one of her passions.

Gobbi says, "I played varsity girls golf for three years and with that team we won two state championships."

Even with a heavy work load at school, Morgan is currently interning with a local dentist, which she says is very hands-on.

"To see crowns, bridges, all kinds of things and I absolutely love it!"

Its why she's decided to attend the University of South Carolina in the Fall to study Pre-Dental.

Morgan has maintained a 4.78 GPA but she says it hasn't been easy.

"Its difficult at times," says Gobbi "it gets overwhelming but it all is worth it in the end. I'm just very good at time management. So I like to make sure that I have time for my studies and time to spend with my friends."

Her mom, Karen, couldn't be more proud of her daughter's dedication.

"She's a very hard worker and she's a very caring person, who will do most anything for anybody and not second guess about it. I think she puts her best foot forward and gives it her all whenever she goes to attempt to do anything," says Mrs. Gobbi.

Morgan leaves this advice for her peers, "try not to fit in if you're wanting to stand out and be different because that's what changes the world."

Morgan is a great role model for living drug, alcohol and tobacco free.