Teen to WACH Dec. 2013: Rebecca Ebbrecht

(L to R) Ridgeview Administrator, Ridgeview Principal Brenda Mack-Foxworth, Cheri Ebbrecht (Rebecca's mother), Rebecaa Ebbrecht, Janet Parker, Ridgeview Softball Coach Brooke Bedenbaugh

RIDGEVIEW (WACH)--Meet Rebecca Ebbrecht, a Ridgeview Blazer who's very involved.

"I'm part of the varsity softball team here at Ridgeview, I am also a part of Beta Club and National Honor Society," says Ridgeview High School Senior Rebecca Ebbrecht.

Rebecca has accomplished a lot in just short time at the school.

"This is actually only my second year here. I moved here from North Carolina before so this is kind of all new to me."

However, the senior has certainly made an impression on her peers and coaches.

"She's very encouraging, she never gets down," says Ridgeview Softball Coach Brooke Bedenbaugh, "she always has a smile on her face and she encourages her teammates when they're down. She wants to win but if we don't win she keeps her head up and says we'll get it the next time."

So how does Rebecca juggle softball and academics?

"My mom is a really good person to just tell me like, you need to do that but its also just time management where I'll study but I also have my sports to level things out," says Rebecca.

Her mom say she's proud to have daughter willing to give and believes other students can learn from her.

"We do a lot of work at Harvest Hope and just being there and seeing the people this past Thanksgiving being so grateful for what they got and for kids to realize it's not all about recieving its about giving," says Cheri Ebbrecht.

After high school the sports enthusiast has her eyes set on Ohio State University, where she'll use her love of the game to help others.

Rebecca says, "Its gonna be exercise science but then i'm gonna go into the graduate school for physical therapy

Before she bids farwell to her high school days, she leaves this advice for her peers.

"Just be yourself, there's no reason to try to fit in."

Rebbeca is a great role model for living drug, alcohol and tobacco free.