Teen to WACH Oct. 2013: Morgan Spires

(L to R) Paula Miller of Lexington School District One, Morgan's parents-Mr. and Mrs. Spires, Morgan Spires and Janet Parker.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Morgan is a high school senior excelling in and outside of the classroom at white knoll high school and enjoys being a part of the
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

"I'm one of the co-presidents, so I really enjoy just embracing the student body and fellowshipping with everybody on Friday mornings."

Outside of school the talented teen is just as busy, "going to my youth group, I have a lot of fun there," says Morgan "and I have a job."

Morgan says her job is teaching her everyday lessons and helping her see the world.

"I want to go see my bestfriend in Scottland so I'm saving lots of money and that responsibility kind of goes in with studying too, like you have to be looking forward to the tests and you know keep what you need and be prepared for everything that comes along," says Morgan.

So how does the White Knoll Wolf balance a job and school work?

Morgan says, "it's really kind of easy actually because my parents are super motivating."

"She comes home and tells us all the bad things that happen at any school or at church, says Morgan's dad, Rick Spires, "and how she sees it and how she tries to change it and we think that's real special."

Morgans specialities don't stop at education, she also has some musical talents

"I sing and I can twiddle around on the piano and I play the violin at White Knoll."

And for those following in her footsteps she leaves this advice, "do not at all fool around because i've realized this year that you can get a really good grade and will only bring your gpa up just alittle but if you get a bad grade it plummetts, so its really important that you stay focused and realize that this may not be the best time for you but you're gonna have an awesome time in college and I can't wait."

After high school she plans to attend Anderson University to study Biochemistry and some day become an OBGYN.

"I want to be a part of the miracle of life," says Morgan. "I think its really cool that you know you can produce a baby and its just awesome to be there for the first breath and everthing."

Morgan is a great role model for living drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.