Teens arrested in string of bank robberies

Two teenagers have been arrested in a string of ATM robberies in Northeast Richland County. But, the case isn't closed. Richland County authorities are urging people to be careful while using ATM's, because there are still more robbers out there. 18-year-old Anthony Shy and 17-year-old Clinton Matthews have been arrested. The teens charged in four of the seven robberies dating back to January. The latest happening at an ATM at 8910 Two Notch Road last Thursday night. Investigators say the crimes are not gang or drug related, they're simply about cold hard cash.

"I think people need to realize who are considering robbing someone at the ATM machine that that crime is the same as going into a bank and robbing a bank," said Sheriff Leon Lott. "The penalties are the same."

Investigators say after robbing a customer last Thursday, Shy and Matthews tried to escape in Shy's pick-up truck.

"The victim was very observant," said Sheriff Lott. "Actually went that little extra step and followed them and flagged a deputy down."

Investigators say the two high-school students used a toy gun to pull off the robberies, but then turned in the toy for the real deal.

"These two young kids were on a roll since January 29th," said Sheriff Lott. "And they were not going to stop until they got caught."

If convicted the teens could face a possible 30 years in jail. Anthony Shy remains at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center with bond set at $80,000. Clinton Matthews has been released after posting bond. And authorities are still looking for more suspects in this string of robberies. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.