Tenants: Columbia apartment building unfit to reside

Photo Credit: Viewer submitted

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Some residents at the Lexington Station Apartment Complex say they're fed up with what they call unsanitary living conditions.

WACH Fox News spoke with a tenant named Jessica who showed us mold inside her apartment unit. Other neighbors came forth but didn't want to appear on camera.

One resident says her leaky roof sent her to the hospital. She claims she submitted several letters to management about the problems in her unit, but has not seen any results.

Others even complain about a vacant unit they say is filled with feces and a dead animal.

"I hope that the management here can come up with some kind of agreement, some kind of compensation either fixing the apartment they live in making them suitable to live in or giving them compensation, a place to live," Jessica Hoskins says.

The managers say they're taking care of the problems but just took over the site.

"We have only managed this site since September of 2010, management told us over the phone. "We are addressing each concern individually. We're taking each very seriously and we do hope for a mutually beneficial resolution for all."

Some residents say they plan on moving out in the next few years.

WACH Fox contacted DHEC and officials say, they have no authority over this situation because it's inside a private structure. They say it TMs an issue that has to be resolved between the apartment managers and the tenants.

Officials with Richland County TMs code enforcement had the same thing to say when asked about the conditions inside the apartment complex.