The Art of the Online Job Search

COLUMBIA (WACH)"Although there are positive signs on the economic front, unemployment in South Carolina is still among the highest in the nation. The Richland County Public Library, in an effort to help the issue locally offers the Job Center, a free service offering advice on resume building, interviewing, and other job search skills.

Each week on Good Day Columbia, employment advisor Lori Cook offers information and advice in various areas concerning the very competitive employment landscape.

Cook says that there is a continual growth in job posting on the Internet, and being prepared for online job searching is key. She says to ensure before you start the search, have an email address, resume, cover letter, and references ready.

The next step is finding the proper job listing websites. Although mega sites like and offer a vast array of potential opportunities, there may be more success to be found on the smaller organic sites. Cook offers targeted sites like offers part-time employment to teens and students, , and

She also points out that going directly to an employer TMs website is a good resource. The cost to advertise on a mega site can be a thousand dollars, says Cook, so many employers advertise on their own sites. She points out that large employers such as Blue Cross can see 200 applications for 1 position in the span of a couple hours, so timing is everything.

Cook also warns about potential job scams that may be surfing for personal information or simply a hidden sales pitch, and not a job. Indicators such as a vague job or business description, having to pay the employer to start, and being commission based are all potential red flags.

The RCPL Job Center offers a booklet to assist in the online search.

The RCPL Job Center is open to the public, at no charge, and a membership is not required. Information can be found at the library website , or by calling 803.929.3401.