The call heard 'round the world

Midlands referee comments on controversial call.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- An controversial call made in Monday night's NFL football game has the world talking.

The Replacement Referees were officiating the game.

Seattle beat Green Bay on a last second touchdown pass and even though it appears that the defensive player had possession of the ball before the wide receiver the fill-in Referees ruled in favor of Seattle.

"The officials at times are going to have controversial calls it's happened with great officials," said Dan Stacey.

Dan Stacey is a retired referee with more than 30 years of officiating experience at the high school level.

Stacey admits that although using replacement referees may not be viewed as a fair decision it creates an opportunity for lower level refs to advance in their career.

"The games are being finished, they've got scores, they've got results," said Stacey. "But are they getting done what I'd like to see? I don't know."

After further review of Monday nights call the NFL officiating department supports the call and rules the game as final.

There is no word when the regular officials will return.