The Dangers of Flash Flooding

Columbia (WACH) -- Flash flooding is one of the most dangerous types of severe weather.

The National Weather Services holds Severe Weather Awareness Week to let the public know of the dangers of all types of severe weather.

The number of deaths associated with flash flooding may surprise you.

"Every year, more people in the US, more people are killed by flash flooding than tornadoes or thunderstorms." says Dan Miller, National Weather Service meteorologist.

Most deaths happen in vehicles.

Urban areas are especially vulnerable to flash flooding due to run off from pavement.

5 Points sees flash flooding a lot.

"When you get 1-2 inches of rain in an hour or 2 or will see flooding in that basin and that will cause flooding of Whaley and Main Street, that intersection is particularly vulnerable." says Miller.

It doesn't take much to make a car bouyant, leaving the passenger stranded.

"All it takes is for 2 feet of standing water to cause a car to become buoyant. also water tends to rush pretty rapidly during a flash flood situation and most people underestimate the force of rushing water." says Miller.