The fate of the fortune teller

COLUMBIA-- For a fee, they can look into the future, and point people in the right direction.

Mrs. Quinn says she has a gift to see the future. She guides people in their everyday lives, from career advice, to relationships.

"I use my gift to help people. Hopefully in the right direction," says Mrs. Quinn.

However, there's a misfortune for fortune tellers in Columbia. They're banned in the city.

City Councilman Daniel Rickenmann thought WACH FOX was joking when we told him about the ordinance.

He says, "It's just one of the old laws that never came out of play."

In fact, the ordinance is so old, city officials can't pinpoint when it was put on the books. They're working to uncover that information.

For Mrs.. Quinn, the ordinance doesn't affect her business.

She says her customers will come to her, wherever she sets up shop.