The fight against contraband

Corrections officers keep a close eye on inmates at the Lexington County Detention Center.

LEXINGTON-- Fighting contraband is an ongoing struggle for corrections officers everywhere.

At the Lexington County Detention Center, officers keep a close eye on fellow guards and inmates, to make sure nothing makes its way inside.

Yet officers continue to find banned items on inmates.

The most common contraband is cigarettes. According to Major Joe Quig, "Inmates who have cigarettes have something up on the other inmates. They can get them to do things they want."

Cell phones are the second most common contraband. Officers say these are dangerous, because inmates can plan crimes from the inside.

Along with drugs and weapons, officers also have to ban items that don't appear dangerous. Some inmates make sculptures out of toilet paper, and they go into detail. Guards still have to seize those items. Major Quig says, "We don't know if inmates are hiding knives inside."

According to Major Quig, the inmates will continue to find creative ways to bring contraband in, so officers will find creative ways to stop them. "It's a game. A serious game, but it's a game."