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      The Five Points Association meets with neighboring communities to discuss safety

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - The Five Points Association recently met with six surrounding neighborhoods to discuss goals and efforts towards bettering the Five Points area.

      As a result, Amy Beth, director of the Five Points Association, says both groups have endorsed a five point plan written by the Hospitality Zone Task Force, who submitted the plan to city council early in 2013.

      Beth added that of the five points, only two have been addressed by Columbiaâ??s city council.

      The Five Points include:

      â?¢ More and better signage putting anyone on notice that there are video surveillance.

      â?¢ Formalize a multi-disciplinary Hospitality Zone Public Safety team, headed by the CPD's Chief of Police, and including the Richland County Sheriff's Department, SLED, USC, Allen and Benedict Public Safety Departments.

      â?¢ Increase the number of officers patrolling in the neighborhoods adjacent to Five Points, especially in the late hours on the weekends.

      â?¢ Stressing the importance of getting gangs and guns off the streets, as it is top priority.

      â?¢ Have regular meetings between law enforcement, FPA, HZTF, and the neighboring communities to evaluate the status of pubic safety and to keep an open line of communication.

      The two groups strongly encourage city council to continue their efforts in implementing the other three goals.