The GDC Morning WACH November 13, 2013

Good Day Columbia morning WACH

Here is your Good Day Columbia GDC Morning WACH for Wednesday November 13, 2013:

It was a wide-open Wednesday on Good Day, so letâ??s get right into the links and information:

It Can Wait

Our friends from AT&T joined us to talk about the national initiative to cut down on distracted driving by texting. With over 3,000 traffic fatalities attributed to distracted driving, the Governor has also gotten involved by issuing a proclamation. To illiterate the point, the phone carrierâ??s texting simulator will be around the palmetto state for several days, and you are encouraged to take the pledge. HERE is information on the program.

You can try your hand at the simulator here:

Thurs., Nov. 14 - Brookland Cayce High School

Fri., Nov. 15 - University of South Carolina campus

Sat., Nov. 16 - University of South Carolina vs. Florida football pre-game

Mon., Nov. 18 - Sumter High School (50 minutes from Columbia)

Tues., Nov 19: Claflin University (45 minutes from Columbia)

Thurs., Nov. 21 â?? Westside High School, Anderson SC (between 2 and 2-1/2 hours from Columbia)

Fri. Nov. 22 â?? Clemson University Campus

Sat., Nov. 23 â?? Clemson University vs. Citadel Pre-game

Are you going to the game?

A new social network has hit the streets of Columbia, and soon several college and professional sporting events. The network, called Tag Seats, was started in Columbia by a USC graduate, and connects friends with the big games. You can check out the network HERE.

Can I have a Big Mac, fries, oh and a glass of chard

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Columbia are inviting you to have fries and wine at the Lexington Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. All the proceeds go to the charity. HERE is ticket info.

Get your geek on

Stephen Miano joined us to geek out on movies.

World of Warcraft! With still over 7.5 Million active subscribers, the loyalty base for this game is huge. You can be certain after the recent announcement of an expansion those numbers will swell again, and you can pretty much bet every one of those geeks and gamers will flock to theatres to check it out.

How about Star Wars Episode VII! One of the top grossing film franchises in the history of this and any other galaxy, near, or far far away. Disney and Lucas film set the release date in December to offset their recent set backs. This movie is set to be a huge pop culture event, with the hopeful return of some of the most beloved characters in cinema.

So who will win the battle? Stephen says Star Wars, primarily because Star Wars has been around for almost 40 years, and as big as
WoW is, it's only been around for a handful of years. My hope, however, is that someone blinks first, because this would end being a huge game of geek chicken.

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