The heartbeat of the Church

Columbia, SC (WACH)-A Mother of the Church is spiritual leader that guides and provides assistance to church members.

Hattie Fruster is the Mother of the Church at Kingdom Reapers Ministries.

Her son Pastor Rickey Fruster delivers a message to the congregation on Sundays, while Hattie helps the church members.

"The church has been my life practically," said Fruster. "It taught me to love everybody and do anything you can for somebody."

The 81-year-old mother of six was born in Lower Richland County and has been involved with church for as long as she can remember.

Along with prayer and faith, Fruster's role as a civil rights activist, Sunday school teacher, and work to reform education has molded her into the role model she is today.

Fruster has seen a lot of change during her life, especially in the church.

"When I was going to church a lady couldn't wear pants to church and men couldn't wear shorts," said Fruster. "But now they come dressed as you are."

Fruster has won several awards while serving her community.

WACH Fox news will continue highlighting mothers of the church during the month of May.