The library formerly known as RCPL is now simply The Richland Library

The newly named Richland Library has announced it's new name and brand

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??The Richland County Public Library has unveiled their â??community drivenâ?? rebranding campaign, involving evolution of information and service.

The changes start with the name itself. â??We found in focus groups,â?? says Padgett Mozingo, that people just called it the library.â?? Taking this into account, the Richland County Public Library will now simply be called The Richland Library.

Other changes include a logo, which leaves itself to interpretation on purpose. â??It can be a thought bubble, a tablet, a computer screen, or a book,â?? says Mozingo. The library has also launched a new website.

According to the libraryâ??s press release, â??implementation of the brand will also include a quality, personalized experience that exceeds library customersâ?? expectations.â?? â??The library is a contemporary, vibrant organization, valued and supported by our community,â?? said Executive Director Melanie Huggins, â??providing access to
information, new ideas, different opinions, knowledge and the ability to learn through books.â??

The Richland Library operates 16 branches throughout the county, offers many free services, including the job center, online resources, music, videos, and of course books.

You can find more information about the Richland Library on their WEBSITE.