The race for the White House moving forward

Katie McKee and Ivory Hecker reporting from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

After a strong showing at their respective national conventions, Democrats and Republicans are moving forward in their race for the White House

Officials estimated that the Republican National Convention in Tampa drew in more than 50,000 people for the GOP's largest event. The City of Tampa spent months in planning and preparation.

The crowds were protected by several thousand police officers. Peaceful proteststors gathered in "Romneyville" in Tampa and also made an appearance in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.

Only three protestors were arrested at the Tampa event.

Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor says, â??I certainly never dreamed that weâ??d only be making three arrests because there are individuals that came here with the intent of being arrested and frankly they just havenâ??t had the opportunity,â??

The Poor Peopleâ??s Economic Human Rights Campaign camped out in a city park during the DNC. One of its organizers said the group was taking advantage of Charlotte because of the politicians in town for the DNC.

Weather was an issue for both conventions.

Tropical Storm Isaac, which later became a hurricane, forced RNC planners to delay the start of the convention.

According to WACH Fox's Darryl Hood, Tampa residents seem to be heeding the weather warnings and traffic was less hectic than expected near Kennedy Boulevard Monday morning.

In Charlotte, thousands of people who were planning to watch President Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination inside Bank of America Stadium were disappointed when the event was moved inside the Time Warner Cable Arena due to forecasts of severe weather in the Area.

Both candidates are working to continue to gain support in the final stretch of the campaign.

President Barack Obama raised more than $114 million in August, while Romney brought in just over $111 million. It's the first time in four months the Democrats have outraised the GOP. And it's a sharp increase for Obama, who raised $75 million in July.

Despite Obama's advantage in August, it's the third straight month Romney has raised more than $100 million, and it represents his best one-month fundraising total. Romney has also socked away more money for the general election campaign.

Romney is holding a campaign rally Monday in Mansfield, Ohio. Obama is scheduled to be at the White House.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)