The Top Five Things You Need to Know on August 6th

Top Five Things You Need to Know

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Here are the Top Five Things You Need to Know today.

5. South Carolina has a new fire chief this morning. Governor Haley announced Robert Polk to replace Shane Ray. Polk served as state fire marshal under former governor Jim Hodges. He is the third fire marshal Haley has named since taking office in 2011.

4. Captain Mary Anne Tolbert is suing Chester County Sheriff, Alex Underwood. Tolbert says Underwood sexually harassed her, and then passed her over for a promotion. The captain says the Sheriff coerced her into having sex all across the county, including his home. Sheriff Underwood was elected sheriff in 2012.

3. Orangeburg County Deputies say a 37-year-old man has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. Officials say Terrance Davis punched Vernon Thompson twice in the head after being fired. The 65-year-old Thompson was able to talk to investigators after the altercation. Thompson died the next day from a head injury. Right now deputies say Davis is cooperating.

2. This morning, the world's most decorated Olympian is making his way back to the pool. After a quick retirement, Michael Phelps will compete in the U.S. National Championships. Phelps says he's a different swimmer this time around, swimming on his own terms. The National Championships will help determine the U.S. team for next year's World Championship.

1. Move over, Edward Snowden, there's a new whistle blower in town. This week, an online website cited classified documents prepared by the national counterterrorism center. The documents were dated August 2013, that's after Snowden left the U.S. Right now, Government officials are investigating to find out the identity of the person.