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      The X Factor striking a chord in the Palmetto State

      Wednesday marked the first interview with of all the judges for the new season.

      CHARLESTON, SC (WACH) -- Hundreds of fans lined up outside the North Charleston Coliseum, braving the heat just for a chance to be part of a live studio audience taping of The X Factor season three.

      The tickets to the taping were free, and many people came out to see family and friends.

      "I was here when they were doing the auditions earlier because I had someone to audition so were coming back to support," said Kim Miller of Summerville, SC.

      The biggest draw for many were the judges. Wednesday marked the first interview with of all the judges for the new season. One of the new judges, Paulina Rubio, shared some advice for the contestants.

      "Don't take yourself so serious, and just go out and dream; you dream and don't care what they say about you,"said Rubio.

      Simon Cowell, another judge on the show, gave a description of the audition process.

      "We've seen some good people, out numbered however by some of the worst auditions, genuinely, I have ever heard in my life," said Cowell.

      Kelly Rowland, another new judge for season three, says she's excited about helping find new talent.

      "It's passion you look for. You just feel it," said Rowland.

      Cowell says we can expect something new this time around.

      "The middle rounds are different. We've come up with a good idea, which I like. I can't say what it is because everyone else will steal it, but we spent a lot of time making the middle section more exciting," said Cowell.