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      Thief breaks into 13+ cars in one neighborhood in one night

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Residents of a southeast Columbia neighborhood are still scratching their heads after police say a thief broke into at least thirteen cars in one night.

      People in the Hampton Leas neighborhood say someone went down each street early Thursday morning, checking each car door.

      "I woke up this morning, and all this stuff was just like scattered around," said Zack Wildman, describing the mess he found on his passenger seat. "That's all of the stuff that's in my glove box."

      The criminal didn't do much damage to the cars. He didn't have to. Most owners told police they had simply forgotten to lock their car doors.

      "I don't usually leave my doors unlocked -- very rarely if ever -- and of course the one night that I decide to, something like this happens," said Wildman.

      Police say the criminals stole items such as cash, sunglasses, cameras and cigarettes. Many of the items were in plain view.

      "We didn't have too much taken, but once again, we shouldn't have to worry about things like that in this neighborhood," said Wildman.

      Police are following leads but have not identified any suspects.