Thousands looking for work attend Midlands Job Fair

The Midlands Job Fair was held on Monday, July 30.

WEST COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- Vincent Pendarvis began his work week by attending the Midlands Workforce Job Fair at Brookland Baptist Church.

The former Guidance Counselor was among several thousands attending the job fair, which included more that 40 employers offering jobs ranging from public service to education; and computer engineering to healthcare.

"I have a Master's Degree in Guidance. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Hopefully, the opportunity presents itself. Thus far, it is looking good."

South Carolina's unemployment rate went up in June; and is currently 9.4%. Midlands Workforce Commission Partner Liaison Carrie Powell said they are trying to change that by also offering workshops to candidates that signed up.

"We did a VIP pass in advance of the Job Fair. For the folks who went through that VIP pass, they learned about resume building, attitude, dress for success, and interviewing. And then they were able to come into the job fair an entire hour early."

In addition, the job fair also offered a free vision and health screening along with a blood test for the public. Powell said good health is another key to getting the job.

"If you are not healthy, if you do not have the education and the skill sets to do your job functionally, then how successful are you actually going to be in your position?"

Pendarvis thinks going to job fair's has advantages despite the high unemployment rate.

"There are jobs out there. There are employers that are actually hiring. If we know that, maybe we will get a chance to come out and show the skills we actually have; what we have to offer."

Skills he hopes will leave a lasting impression.