Three Arrested for Sumter Murder

Sumter Police say Caldwell Wright was shot in the head inside his home. Now investigators believe they have the people responsible in jail.

53-year-old Wright was gunned down inside his Branch Street home, leaving a neighborhood on edge.

"We've been working diligently around the clock to try and locate the subjects," said Sumter Police Chief Patty Patterson.

The diligence Patterson talks about, paid off.

"While we were out last night looking for them again we received an anonymous tip," said Patterson.

That anonymous tip took police to another Sumter County house, on Council Street. There they found two of their most wanted hiding out in a shed, behind the family home.

Marcia Green is the alleged killer. Major Kennedy is a suspected accomplice. Investigators say 44-year-old Samuel Evans is another accomplice.

"The murderers they were looking for-- they said they were armed and dangerous," said Samuel's uncle Warren Evans. "They told my Mom to go back in the house. She didn't even know they were back there."

Evans says his nephew is a long-time drug user, who was likely helping Green and Kennedy feed an addiction.

"When you want that crack that bad you're not thinking straight," said Evans. "You're really not thinking straight."

An ongoing problem in Sumter.

"Drugs or alcohol are usually the root of the problems that we've had," said Patterson.

"I hope he gets some kind of treatment," said Evans.

Warren Evans considers his nephews arrest, a blessing in disguise.

"The Lord works in mysterious ways," said Evans.

Marcia Green and Major Kennedy face murder charges. Samuel Evans faces accessory after the murder. All three are at the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center.