Three South Carolinians sentenced to prison for roles in multi-state crime ring

LAREDO, TX. (WACH)- A Columbia man is going to prison for 24 years after being convicted in a murder for hire plot and other drug related charges.

According to U.S. Justice Department spokesperson Angela Dodge, Kevin Corley, 30, of Columbia, S.C. the convicted "hitman" in the murder for hire plot and conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana was sentenced to a total of 24 years on five different charges.

Senior U.S. District Judge George P. Kazen said Kevin Corley was the ringleader of a crime ring involving the sale of large amounts of drugs and weapons. from Mexico into South Carolina Texas and Colorado.

Sentenced along with Corley for their roles in the gang included Samuel Walker, 29, also a former Army Soldier of Sharon, Miss., and Calvin Epps, 29, of Hopkins, S.C., were convicted following the jury trial in which Corley testified. The remaining four - Marcus Mickle, 21, and Robert Corley, 24, both of Columbia, S.C.; Shavar Davis, 30, of Denver, Colo.; and Mario Corley, 41, of Saginaw, Texas - all pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to terms ranging from 30 months to 15 years in prison for their roles in the overall conspiracy.