Three suspects charged with Grand Larceny, Shoplifting, and Criminal Conspiracy

Carmella Harding is charged with 3 counts of Criminal Conspiracy

Columbia (WACH)-- Antwone Anderson, Carmella Harding and Issac Potter were charged with Grand Larceny, Shoplifting, and Criminal Conspiracy.

On Jul.27, the suspects entered a Verizon store located that 130-A Chapin Rd. After distracting an employee, Potter went into the storage area and removed 7 cell phones valued at $2800. The incident was captured on video surveillance cameras.

On Aug.19, the suspects entered the Food Lion located at 140 Chapin Rd. The individuals distracted the cashier and removed cartons of cigarettes totaling $1875.00. The suspects also removed energy drinks from the local Pitt stop on 648 Columbia Ave. the same day. The total amount removed was $420.00

The suspects were stopped by the Irmo Police Department after hearing the description that was given from the incident at Food Lion. Some of the items were recovered from the vehicle.