Thursday: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Thursday: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Here are the top five things you need to know:

Gaza Conflict-

Rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel. The military says the rocket struck the city of Ashkelon Thursday as the pause in military activity ended.

It happened two hours after a temporary cease-fire went into effect. Israel warned earlier that if hamas attacked during the cease fire they would retaliate. As of now Israel has not responded.

Ukraine Crisis-

While giving a speech President Barack Obama announcing expanded sanctions against Russia. This comes after Russia failed to take steps to end the Ukraine conflict.

The sanctions are targeting Russian banks and energy and defense companies as well as Ukraine separatists.

Obama saying,"We have to see concrete actions....that Russia is committed to trying to end this conflict".

Yahoo Under Fire-A Yahoo executive accused of sexual harassment is speaking out. In a defamation lawsuit Maria Zhang calling the allegations against her outrageously false.

Former software engineer, Nan Shi, filed a lawsuit against Zhang accusing her of sexual harassment.

Shi is also suing Yahoo for emotional distress and wrongful termination.

Safety/Health Violations-Reports obtained by USA Today revealing safety violations at several federally ran health agencies. CDC Director Tom Fireden and other experts testified about the anthrax incident that happened this summer.

The CDC discovered some scientist were using unapproved methods to inactivate Anthrax spores.

Safety lapses involving Smallpox and a dangerous strain of Bird Flu were also among the offenses.

Man Electrocuted-Marion authorities say a man was electricuted while trying to steal copper from the roof of a building. He was taken to a burn center where he eventually died.

The victim has yet to be identified.