Thursday's Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Top 5 Things

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??Here are the Top 5 Things You Need to Know Today:

Governor Nikki Haley makes her 2013 tax return available to the public. The stateâ??s first family earned more than $282,000 in Haleyâ??s third year at the states CEO. The return showed income from books, investments and salaries. The first couple paid $20,700 in state and federal taxes.

Chelsea Clinton is making up to $75,000 for her public speaking engagements. This is coming after the former president and first lady have been scrutinized over their earnings for public speeches. Clintonâ??s spokesman said that 100% of her fees are remitted directly to the Clinton Foundation.

The Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was sentenced to ten years in prison. Nagin was ordered to report to Federal prison on September 8th and pay a restitution of $82,000. A jury convicted the politician of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in money, bribes and trips.

Will Lebron James go back home? Thatâ??s the question that sports enthusiasts across the nation are wondering. The Miami Heat Star is expected to make his decision today on whether or not he will stay in Miami. James became a free agent on July 1st after opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat.

One of Governor Haleyâ??s vetoes of a bill intended to help libraries may stand. The bill allows a trespassing charge against people who return to the library before their warning to stay away expires. The vote on the veto took place on the last day of the Legislative session, with the senate overriding the veto. The House had already gone home, and an override requires two-thirds vote in both chambers.