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      Tigertown geared up for rivalry week

      CLEMSON, SC (WACH) - There is no doubt it is rivalry week in Clemson. The streets are filled with signs and shirts reminding everyone of what is on the line Saturday.

      "It's something you have to see to believe. These two teams really don't like each other," says Clemson student Matthew Henderson.

      As the big game approaches, Clemson business owners are hoping to cash in and filling their shelves with shirts, taking shots at South Carolina.

      "If you see a dude walking by with a funny shirt on attacking Carolina, You're just up to give him a high five any day of the week," adds Henderson.

      The shirts offering fans another way to trade punches with each other without even saying a word.

      "The tee shirts are always awesome. It's always fun to wear them to the game or around school and show your school pride," said Cailey Moellman, who says she brings the luck to the school. "That's why we're ten and one," said Moellman.

      Fans in Tigertown are also making some bold predictions for Saturday's showdown.

      "Carolina is a heck of a ball club, but you get Clemson's home field advantage at night in the valley, it's going to be close, but in the end it will be a Clemson victory," adds Henderson.