Tinubu wins Democratic nomination in 7th Congressional District

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) -- Coastal Carolina University economist Gloria Tinubu has won the Democratic nomination for South Carolina's new 7th Congressional District.

Tinubu appeared headed for a runoff with Horry County attorney Preston Brittain after Tuesday's voting.

But late Tuesday night the State Elections Commission said that votes for third-place finisher Ted Vick would not count because he had withdrawn from the race.

That gave Tinubu the majority needed to claim the nomination.

Tinubu got 52 percent of the vote. Brittain got about 39 percent in the four-candidate field. Attorneys Parnell Diggs and Harry Pavilack trailed.

Vick had been considered the front-runner but dropped out last month after his arrest on a drunken driving and weapons charge in Columbia.

Republicans have a runoff June 26 after a nine-way race on Tuesday.

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