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      Tip leads SLED to dog fighting ring

      LEE COUNTY, SC (WACH) - Nineteen animals, seven cars, guns, cash, and an unknown amount of marijuana were all seized Thursday night in Lee County, said Chief Mark Keel with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

      A tip led authorities to a dog fighting match in the 5000 block of Springhill Road in Rembert.

      "They were prepared to fight when we arrived," said Chief Mark Keel with SLED.

      Thirteen adults and one juvenile were taken to jail.

      The home owner, Michael Antonio Ferguson, was charged with a felony due to hosting the dog fight.

      "All individuals there were charged with dog fighting," said Keel. "Several which were charged with a simple possession of marijuana."

      Chief Keel says it isn't uncommon to see drugs associated with dog fighting.

      Officials aren't sure if this was the first dog fight taking place at the Lee County residence.

      "We don't see this on a common basis," said Sheriff Daniel Simon. "I think the last one we seen was several years ago. Nothing on this magnitude."

      The dogs are currently at a nearby shelter.