Tips for protecting your email from hackers

<font size="2">Tips for protecting your email from hackers</font>

COLUMBIA (WACH) â??The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs is encouraging Yahoo Mail users to take steps to secure their online accounts in light of the recent hacking.

Frauders can use the compromised information to access the e-mail account and peruse for personal identifying information and usernames for other online accounts.

These tips can protect accounts that could be affected.

Change your password immediately and use strong creative passwords that include uppercase, lowercase and special characters.

Closely monitor monthly statements and activity for financial accounts saved as payment options on internet merchant sites.

Watch out for phishing attempts. Asking for personal or sensitive information via a phone call, text or e-mail is a tactic used by scammers. Never reply to texts, pop-ups or e-mails that ask for verification of personal information.

For information on identity theft or to report a possible scam, please contact SCDCAâ??s Identity Theft Unit by calling 1-800-922-1594 or visiting