Tips for upcoming tax season

The April 15 tax deadline will soon be here.

But instead of waiting until the last minute, the South Carolina Department of Revenue urges residents to file early and electronically.

Public Information Director Samantha Cheek said the early bird plan has many advantages.

"Filing electronically guarantees a faster refund. We prefer South Carolina taxpayers to directly deposit their refund as well; which in return will guarantee a quicker refund."

The Department of Revenue is offering something new in 2012; an income tax refund debit card.

"They can receive their tax refund on a debit card, use it anywhere visa cards are accepted. If they don't prefer to receive a prepaid debit card, they can choose to receive a paper check or to directly deposit their refund.

Cheek said her best advice is to keep track of everything so residents know their income and deductions you would like to claim on tax returns.

The Department of Revenue is available to help with any questions. Visit for more.